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Sports Programmes

Welcome to excellence.  Here, dreams turn into reality, and champions are forged. Join us on a journey where hard work, dedication, and relentless pursuit of greatness define who you become, understanding that hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work.


It's not just training; it's a commitment to be the best version of yourself both on and off the field. Your journey to sporting glory starts here – where limits are shattered, and legends are born.

A new way to learn from the best, and be the best

Comprehensive Initial & Progressive Assessments & Reporting

  • Inbody Dietician:

    • Body Composition Analysis

    • Muscle-Fat Analysis

    • Obesity Analysis

    • Segmental Lean Analysis

    • Segmental Fat Analysis

  • Individually Tailored Nutrition Plans

    • Calorie Meal Plan

    • Recommended Food Lists & Portions

      • Carbohydrates

      • Proteins

      • Fats & Oils

      • Other

    • Portion Distributions


  • Medical Doctor Screening Analysis

  • Physiotherapists Screening & Analysis

Performance Management

Sport Specific Performance Assessing & Reporting

  • Skills Assessments

  • Position Assessments

  • Strength & Conditioning Assessments

    • Anthropometry

    • Flexibility

    • Strength Endurance

    • Power

    • Aerobic & Anaerobic

  • Individually Tailored Periodisation Plans

    • Gym & Field/Court Based Plans

      • Pre-Season

      • Peak Season

      • Off Season

Sport-Specific Development

Comprehensive Skills, Conditioning and Coaching Services

  • Monthly Elite Celebrity Coaching Sessions

  • Club Participation & Competition

    • Sports Club Registration

    • Club Coaching Sessions

    • Club Competition & Game-time

    • Club Video Analysis

  • Weekly Internationally experienced Skills Coaching Sessions

    • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Skill Sessions

    • Position Specific Skill Sessions

Weekly Strength & Conditioning Sessions

  • Gym Based Sessions & Plans

    • Strength, Strength Endurance, Power & Flexibility Sessions

  • Field/Court Based Sessions & Plans

    • Aerobic (Endurance Focused) Sessions

    • Anaerobic (Strength, Speed, Agility & Power) Sessions

Athlete CV Development

  • Individual Video Analysis & Content

  • Skill Focused Analysis & Content

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