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About NewBridge Sports Academy

South Africa has a special relationship with sport.  It is among the few passions we all seem to share, and in the face of so many challenges it brings us together and helps define who we are as South Africans. 

Forging a new path

Sport has also shown us that superstars can come from anywhere.  At the Rugby World Cup right now, elite rugby school alumni share a dressing room with teammates from rural townships and gang-ridden urban neighbourhoods.  There is no doubt that sport is a force for unity and empowerment, and keeping as many young people on the playing field as possible is a goal we can all believe in.  Having forged a new path for South African students, it’s time to find a new way to make a high performance sports offering accessible as well.

To deliver a sports programme that is technically state of the art, we aim to be better than the competition.  Better in the credibility, intensity and quality of our sports curriculum.  Better at performance management, and better benefits and rewards.  Our athletes will train in well-equipped campus gyms, and play in established structures and leagues.  And we are bringing in the very best expertise to make it happen.

Activating a wealth of resources for excellence

There is a wealth of talent across the landscape of South African sport – coaches, former players and technical specialists who have performed at the highest levels, and are ready to give back to the games they love.  Some will be names you already know.  Some will be the backroom experts who helped make those names famous.  And all will work towards bringing high performance to a new generation.

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