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Welcome to NewBridge Sports Academy.  We believe that every student, regardless of age, gender, body type or fitness level, deserves the chance to embrace the transformative power of a healthy, active lifestyle. We welcome every one, and are united by a common goal to nurture well-being and the benefits of physical and mental fitness.


At the heart of our programme is Core Fitness, with multiple weekly sessions and a choice of activities – from the intensity of a boot camp workout to yoga to boxing.  These classes offer an interactive, social environment to develop strength, fitness and mental health.


Whilst NewBridge Sports Academy is inclusive and accessible, we do not compromise on the excellence of our sports curriculum.  High performance programmes in 4 sports codes – Rugby, Netball, Football and Hockey – are offered at three campuses across the country.  The coaching and development components are curated by some of the greatest players and coaches in each sport, and backed by technical specialists with experience at the highest levels. 


Our programmes are also competitive.  Athletes compete in established club leagues and structures, and refine their skills and conditioning on a foundation of regular training and competition.  NewBridge Sports Academy transforms NewBridge Graduate Institute into a  meaningful choice for keen athletes who demand a quality education and a dynamic skills development environment. 


Join us on a remarkable journey.  Challenge yourself, reach new heights, and unlock your potential.

Making a high performance sports lifestyle experience accessible to all

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